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18 Signs You Need to Start Your Own Business

Let’s face it. You know you’re different than a lot of other people and you’ve been feeling it and noticing it for awhile. Not really able to put it into words for the past few years, you’ve had this…something, inside that’s sort of churning away at you…this idea in the back of your head, and now you understand why. 
But let’s examine these thoughts and feelings a little bit more to gain more clarity on your situation. 
Hopefully, these 18 indicators will help you to validate your potential quest to become the next entrepreneur. But maybe you’ll find rather quickly, that you don’t even need to read all 18. Maybe, you’ll get validation in the first few. 
Hopefully, either way, let’s walk through these 18 together to help you discover what your new path might become.  
 1. The light bulb went off
Lately many are debating whether entrepreneurs are born or made. No matter which side you agree with, perhaps you’ve been aware that you exhibit some classic entrepreneurial traits. Maybe you’re ready to take the leap and start a business? 
Even if you weren’t born that way, you may have later developed some of these traits, such as a driving passion. So if you begin to notice the signs, perhaps you could launch that business of your own. 
Sometimes, ideas just come to us in the strangest places or at an inconvenient time, but nevertheless, we have this idea that just won’t go away. 
2. You’re always thinking
Entrepreneurs never stop thinking about all the ‘what if’s’ and the ‘I’ll bet it would work’ scenarios when they’re talking to their friends or other interested party. It’s a blessing and a curse. Should you exhibit this behavior, maybe it’s time to move on from the daily rat race and do something to put your thoughts in motion. And there’s no better outlet than starting your own business.
3. You’re passionate
If there’s one business concept that stays with you that you’ve completely fallen in love with, perhaps you could turn it into a reality. Entrepreneurs and business owners are truly passionate about what they do and will do everything possible to turn their vision into a product or service for the rest of the world to enjoy. 
Now don’t get me wrong. Sometimes this burning concept is just for a time or a season. But still, the passion is there and it’s not going anywhere until the business launch plays itself out. 
4. You’re independent
This doesn’t mean that you’re socially awkward or don’t know how to ask for help. It means that you’re a problem solver who will try to figure out most problems on your own. Now may be the moment that you feel independent enough to build an enterprise. 
You’ve seen others make the leap and now it’s your turn. You’ve heard them say how their lives have changed and you’re tired of being tied to a J.O.B.
 5. You’re motivated
You don’t always need something or someone to get you moving. You wake up every morning and do what’s needed. This sense of self-motivation might steer to initiate and carry out a business launch. 
You’re either motivated away from something, or you’re motivated toward something (or both) but either way, you’re motivated. 
6. You’re organized
Running a business requires plenty of organizational skills. At some point you may want or need to hire some experts, such as accountants or lawyers, but in the beginning you’ll probably rely on yourself to track finances, delegate responsibilities and present ideas to investors. You can’t do any of that without being organized. You know it, and others around you know it. You’re a bit different than most people. 
7. You feel a need to help people
Should you feel a strong desire to aid others by providing a product or service, consider it one telltale sign you’re primed for starting a business. This desire to help people enhance their lives can keep you going during the highs and lows of running an operation. I’ve found over the years that the strongest companies emerge from a wish to help the world solve a problem.
8. You’re certain that you can have an impact.
Maybe it’s your confidence or egotistical side coming out, but you’re realizing that you can build a better company than the one you’re working for. How many times have you been telling people around you that there’s a better way of doing things?
9. You feel stuck at your job.
If you dread waking up every morning, then you’re probably unfulfilled. A promotion or another job might abate the problem, but deep within you the prospect of an ordinary 8-to-5 gig just doesn’t excite you. 
There’s more to life than working from job to job. Hey, you’re boss made the leap and started his own company. If he can do it, so can you. 

“We feel imprisoned when we need permission to do our passion.”

10. You feel a need to prove your vision.

Let’s say you have an idea but everyone is telling you it can’t be done. What are you going to do about this situation? This experience might be motivation enough for you to try to one-up the naysayers.

11. You want to make a name for yourself.

Several of the greatest entrepreneurs and business owners realized that they wanted something more from life. Steve Jobs knew he was special. If you feel that way, too, then big things could come out of it.

12. You have always wanted to be your own boss.

Whether you’re a control freak or just don’t like being ordered around, you have determined you have always wanted to be the boss.

13. Your field lacks jobs.

The economy hasn’t totally rebounded and your industry sector has a hiring freeze. Instead of waiting around or taking a job requiring fewer skills than you have, you are considering setting up your own business.

14. You aren’t afraid to take risks.

Whether you’re single or married, have a family or not, employed or not, the situation doesn’t matter to you. You have the chance to be a little adventurous and try something new and the thought of risk doesn’t bother you.

15. The daily commute is unbearable.

If you sit in traffic every day muttering expletive after expletive, maybe you should set up your own business at home. After all, successful businesses have even launched from garages.

16. You want to build your own team.

Maybe you just want to build your own team from the ground up with a group of people who share your vision and who are willing to embark on a journey with you.

17. The timing is right

You’ve been working on this one idea in your head for awhile now, and when you look around or talk to people you’ve noticed a growing need for people or the industry that you’re in. The time seems right…now. It wasn’t right 10 years ago, not even 5 and you don’t know how long this window of opportunity will be around for, so you know that it’s either now or never. The time has finally arrived. 

18. You’re over 40 years old

There are a lot of theories about how old you “should” be to found a startup.

Some people say younger is better. You’re young and strong and can withstand lots of sleep deprivation and keep going. You’re more likely to take risks and less likely to quit (supposedly).

On the other hand, wisdom comes with age. The older you are, the better you know your industry, and likely more than one industry. You have strong connections and a lot of experience.

So which is it?

The facts clearly suggest one side over the other. According to studies out of Duke University, the Kauffman Foundation, the Founder Institute, and Northwestern, the average entrepreneur is actually 40 years old when launching his or her first startup–and the average age of leaders of high-growth startups is 45 years old.

That’s right: While tech publications are rife with stories of crazy-successful 22-year-old founders who become billionaires, the truth is that 40-somethings are much more likely to start companies–and succeed.

Adeo Ressi, founder of the Founder Institute, puts it succinctly: “The research shows that an older age is actually a better predictor of entrepreneurial success.”

So go ahead and launch that great idea you’ve been kicking around in your head. I was almost 40 when I first made the leap to go full time with my business. If I can do it, then so can you. 

If you need coaching for your startup idea, or assistance with a specific service that I offer, please email me directly at: [email protected]

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