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I’m Tom Clairmont — a small business startup coach and Podcast host who specializes in helping people navigate through the process of their business startup launch. I’d like to hear about your ideas, hopes and dreams someday and talk about how I could help you achieve those dreams. 


My favorite quote is: “If your dream doesn’t make you uncomfortable, it isn’t big enough.” Kary Oberbrunner

My Story…

Born and raised in upstate New York, I grew up in a small town where photography, tennis, pool and ping pong were my main interests. At a time where modern computer technology was new, I went to school in New Jersey to pursue a career in IT.  

From IT to Entrepreneur

Working deeper and deeper into the technology roles I had, I found that training and public speaking were assets that helped me develop into other roles that were eventually coming in my future. 

I made the leap to self employment full time in 2002 where I was able to gain key insights and experience with the myriad of small business development issues including services for startup launches, sales, marketing, promotion, public speaking and training.   

Eventually, small business coaching was a better fit, given my passion for people, processes, technology and helping others to turn their dreams into reality. Rather than me ‘finding’ coaching, coaching ‘found’ me. 

Non-profit Organizational development is also challenging but rewarding. Growth, transition, promotion, fund raising have all been part of the coaching that I provided.

Another Pivot…

After moving to Virginia in 2018, I continued to assist people with their small businesses or NPO development and serve as a catalyst for small business launches or later in life pivots to self employment. And, being part of a military family, I want to also support those in TAP/VTAP who strive to have a successful small business.   

I thoroughly enjoy talking to people about the business startup process and hope that the Dream, Plan, Execute products and services that I’m creating will make this daunting task of starting your own business more enjoyable. I also have a Podcast that will shed more light from other business owners about how they worked through the maze to make their dream a reality.   

To connect with me, go to the Contact page, or you can find me on various social media channels, like LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter. 

My favorite? LinkedIn.

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