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I’m Tom Clairmont — a small business startup coach and Podcast host who specializes in helping people make that later in life shift through the process of starting their own business.  


My favorite quote is: “If your dream doesn’t make you uncomfortable, it isn’t big enough.” Kary Oberbrunner

My Story...

I started a coaching business because I kept seeing people struggle with the startup process and to launch
without a plan. I kept coming across business owners that were getting blindsided with issues relating to their Website, marketing or sales and they didn’t see it coming. 

That’s what I went through when I initially started my IT business back in 2002, and I wish I had someone to stand beside me and walk me through a better startup process. 

I like to both educate and offer solutions for these startup topics. And for those that have a dream of having a business but need to work on the plan in advance, so they’re not blindsided later on, that’s  where I come in. 

Now I’m not some all-knowing guru that says he’s got all the answers, but I do know two things. 

1. Piecing the core technology together for your online business
2. Helping you through the startup process

Now there’s a lot of business coaches out there…and some very good ones, but beyond asking questions, like any good coach will do and guiding you toward your goals, I get right into the actual steps of accomplishing specific goals that help you launch your business. 

I keep seeing people just going through the random acts of online startup and they find out later on something that they should have done early on, like build an email list, or email marketing…or drip email marketing. 

And I know that you can certainly have a business without it, but it’s so much more effective to have it sooner, than later. Just think about how great it would be to have an entire year of email marketing set up in advance, for someone that signs up for your email list! From day one, they’re going to walk through the process of getting to know you and your product or service through either weekly or monthly emails, and you’re going to walk them through the ‘Know/Like/Trust/Try/Buy’ process, and it can all be on auto-pilot! 

So, who do I help and how can I help them? 

The Overwhelmed

If you want to get started in having an online business but you feel overwhelmed with all that’s needed, I can help. 

How? By first explaining to you the core elements that are needed, how they all work together and then showing you how we’ll get it done. 

The DIY’er

Now, if you’re into the DIY method, I’ll show you how you can do it yourself if that’s the way you want to go. 

I’ll provide the coaching with the overall plan layout with the details of what you’ll need to do and you can take it from there.  

The Fast-Track Launcher

Want to get your business launched in 30-60 days? 

For someone that wants to have a faster launch so they can get right to doing what they love doing, instead of dealing with the nitty-gritty details of website, landing page, email marketing, copywriting etc., I have a ‘Done For You’ option as well. 

You’ll need to provide some information about you, the business and some details about the Website and I’ll take it from there. 

With whatever path you’ll take, through my coaching program, we’ll work through the process together, every step of the way to help you launch.  

Even today, I’m still working my business to help others find that ‘better way’ for them, so that they don’t go through the same struggles that I went through. 

I have a new Podcast episode for you each week on a myriad of small business, personal brand topics. You can go to the Podcast page, or your favorite platform for the Small Business Startup Essentials show. Please hit the ‘subscribe’ or ‘follow’ button so you don’t miss any episodes. 

I’ll be posting regular content on the Blog page as well that focuses on helping those, later in life, to start an Internet based business. 

So please learn from my mistakes. Learn how not to waste years of valuable time, energy and money. I have some Resources for you that I think will help you plan and launch your business. It’s all there for you to download when you’re ready. Enjoy. 

If you want to dig a little deeper, there are E-books available for you as well on my online store page that securely accepts major credit cards. 

Let me know how I can help you get started on your small business journey.

Looking forward to talking to you. 


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