Missed Opportunity? 5 Ways to Bounce Back

For those of us that are over 40…or 50, I’m sure you don’t have to think too long to remember some sort of opportunity you had that you either missed, didn’t recognize right away, or just plain passed up. Maybe you even blew it a few times on those opportunities that you did see coming and took action on, but…it just didn’t work out for some reason or another.

But sometimes, it happens, where we see something staring at us right in the face and we don’t act on it for some reason. That happened to me back around 2001 where I had someone offer me my dream job and I turned it down. Why? I wanted to be in business for myself. And I can remember hanging up the phone when I turned down that job offer thinking to myself ‘what did I just do?’

I just quit a job that went sour after 4 buyouts and the management was terrible. I was tired of being in that corporate environment where it’s ‘just do it or your fired’. I really needed to see what I could make happen for myself in my own business. To make money for me instead of making it for someone else.

But as we got on in life and hit closer to 50 or 60, it can be easy for us to think that it may be too late to act on that dream, or that offer that someone gave to us about starting a business or to partner up with someone else in their business venture.

telling your story to have impact and influence

The Power of Your Personal Story

The goal of every business is sales. Without it, the business dies. Plain and simple. You need to sell your products or services one way or another. There are a lot of ways to do this, but there’s currently a huge gap between your target market and you and you need to close it. You need to build a bridge and then get them to walk over it.
Normally, it takes a few times for people to warm up to you or your product or service and help them through the sales process. If you’ve been listening to this podcast recently, you’ll already know about the ‘know/like/trust/try/buy’ process. Simple, but not easy.
So how do we close that gap so that people will buy our product? What bridges do we need to build? Do you just talk about your expertise and how great you are? Do you just talk about your products or services and how great they are? Or is there another way that’s proven to be successful?
There is, and it’s in the use of stories. Your story.

How to Turn Your Passion Into Profit

We all have things that we absolutely love to do, But you don’t think you could ever make money from your passion.

Thanks to the internet, almost any passion can be turned into a profitable side hustle. You can make money doing the things that you love the most. Yep. You can turn your passion project into a profitable project.

Of course, all this raises the critical question: how do you start a side hustle? In this article, I’ll give you a road map for turning your passion into a profitable side hustle. It’ll guide you, step-by-step, to making money doing what you love.

what type of entrepreneur are you

The Four Types of Entrepreneurs

When some people put their toe in the entrepreneur waters to see if this is something that they’d be interested or motivated to do, they will eventually find that they’ll need to make a decision. A decision of which type of entrepreneur will they ultimately be for this current venture they’re thinking of starting.

There are 4 types of Entrepreneurs:
1. Mission Based
2. Passion Based
3. Opportunity Based
4. Undecided

Which one are you?

retirement-why start a business when you're supposed to stop?

Retirement: Why Start a Business When You’re Supposed to Stop?

Some individuals dream of the day when they can do absolutely nothing. To them, retirement is a euphoric future of sleeping in, lounging in the sun, being on perpetual vacation and thinking as little as possible for the rest of their lives.
Retirement is the perfect time for things like travel and exploring old passions; but it can also be a great time to start a business.
Why start a business after you retire? Here are 5 popular reasons some people pivot to self employment during retirement.


Pivoting to Self Employment Through COVID-19

Is the Covid-19 pandemic messing up your career plans?
Many of us start at our first job out of college thinking it will set us up for the rest of our career. And stepping off that path seems like a huge risk. Selecting a major and degree program is a difficult decision as it is. When you’re on a straight and narrow career path, it’s easy to panic if you want to make a change. And since change is a constant, you’ll be much better off in the long run if you’re able to adapt and roll with the punches.

Time is running out

When Is The Right Time To Start A Business?

The clock is ticking.

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably thought about starting your own business. You’ve probably thought about it a lot. It’s also fair to assume that you’ve delayed – for months, if not years – because it just doesn’t feel like it’s the right time.
But here’s the thing: there is never a right time to start a business. There will never be an ideal moment.

experienced entrepreneurs

6 Ways to Use Age to Your Advantage When Starting a Business

Entrepreneurship isn’t just for the young. Older adults are finding that starting a business can be the perfect way to turn a lifetime of experience into something meaningful, take control of their time, counter workplace ageism, and in some cases, make a lot more money.

Here, six entrepreneurs share the key advantages they discovered in starting a business in their 50s and 60s.