The ‘Dream’ phase is a very important part of the small business startup checklist, but make sure you take the following five steps before you get too far into the business startup process.

1. Do a Proper Self-Evaluation

Let’s make sure you’re the right person to start a business. Having a great idea is fantastic, but if you’re not ready for this yet, it won’t succeed. 

2. Find your ‘Zone of Genius’

Everyone has different skills and abilities. Some things could be done by others, and some things must be done by you. Let’s find out where your genius mode resides.  

3. Gain Clarity

Let’s look at what you’re vision of success looks like and see how we can keep you focused on the prize.  

4. Define and Develop Your Dream

Dreams can be a bit too cloudy sometimes. Long term success for accomplishing your dream may need to be done in phases.  

Building the Dream Method Coaching Process

Step 1


What business model to choose? What market to be in? What is your MVP?

Step 2


Market size sweet spot. Market competition sweet spot. Does your MVP work?

Step 3


Choose your market. Plan for the Business Plan.
(Important Next Step)

“If your dream doesn’t make you uncomfortable, it isn’t big enough.”

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