Download Your Free LinkedIn Strategy Checklist

LinkedIn has evolved quite a bit over the years. Not too long ago, having an account was considered to be something ‘extra’ in our lives…something that was necessary in order to get your resume online, but not taken too seriously. 

Since our lives are revolving more and more around social media, specifically, LinkedIn, it’s important that businesses large and small have a serious social media strategy for growth and influence. 

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In this checklist, you'll learn how to:

Many business owners think that if all they do is simply start posting, they’ll be successful and attract new customers. But it doesn’t work this way. 

In order to build your business or build a tribe through LinkedIn, you need to have a strategy in place.

This Checklist will walk you through the process for growth and impact step by step so that you can finally enjoy the benefits of being an influencer as well.

Learn what specific tasks will help you build for:

• Growth

• Exposure

• Validity

• Next Level

• Engagement

LinkedIn is a fantastic platform that offers an incredible, unique opportunity to its members that other social media platforms do not; a professional platform with a professional audience mindset.

But in order to make the most of this platform, you need to understand both the way LinkedIn works and the audience that it has. Here is some of my best advice and tips for creating your own personal platform and grow a large and dedicated following. 

Being on LI without a clear and precise strategy will only stifle and delay your success. 


5 Ingredients to a LinkedIn Success Recipe

1. Embrace An Obsession: 

“When you embrace an obsession, you rarely need other external motivation. You wake up each day with an intense desire to become the best in your specific obsession. What can you research, break down and share daily, that would feel like play instead of work? 

2. Develop Unique Knowledge:

This is the knowledge you have acquired on your unique journey, that other people want, but can’t figure out. The best way to develop unique knowledge is by putting maximum effort into exploring your obsession. When you do that, you learn more than the average person, and your knowledge becomes uniquely valuable to them. Reveal to the world how special you are and why they need you.

3. Challenge Pre-conceived Solutions:

A lot of LinkedIn creators shine a light on problems, but then they fail to create differentiated solutions. They have the same pitch, same buzzwords, and the same jargon as everyone else. Instead, you should leverage your unique knowledge to bring a solution that’s completely different than anything on the market. Stand out by promising and delivering on something unorthodox. Create a product or a service that is a little different than most others. This will help you to stand out amongst the crowd.

4. Build Distribution By Studying People:

To turn your content into dollars, people must know you exist. And if you have unique knowledge, you owe it to the world to get it into their hands. Don’t copy your competition. Instead, study human psychology, marketing, and persuasion and talk about that unique solution every single day online. Build a small audience journey that takes people through Know–> Like–> Trust–> Try–> Buy process.

5. Scale Using Compounding, Daily Media:

Take 30 minutes each day to observe what you learned. Tell stories, show examples, and share behind the scenes. Content works on your behalf for hours and sometimes even days. Classic pieces of content have lasted years or even decades. Have at least 2 pieces of content working on your behalf in the world at all times. Keep a running list of subtopics that you’ll use as future content that focuses on your main topic and overall message you’re trying to convey to the world.