A realistic plan is essential, but make sure you take the following five steps before drafting your business plan.

1. Develop your Mission/Vision/Goals/Tasks.

Working through these steps will help you gain more clarity and focus on not only the overall purpose, but how to accomplish the goals with specific tasks. 

2. Determine which type of entrepreneur you are.

There are four types of entrepreneur: Mission based, Passion based, Opportunity based, and the Undecided. Let’s discuss these types and determine which one you are and how you can benefit from knowing. 

3. Create a marketing plan

A good marketing plan is not just about how to promote yourself, but also about relationships. . 

4. Create a sales plan

I believe that the key to selling is serving and have the ‘Givers Gain’ mentality. Help others solve their problems and offer as much useful content with good intentions and you’ll have more than enough business.  

5. Work through the Business Plan

Documenting the first four steps and adding in the financial details is essential to putting it all together. 

Turning the Dream Into a Plan Coaching Process

Step 1

Marketing Plan

How will you get the word out to everyone?

Step 2

Sales Plan

How will you sell your products/services?

Step 3

Business Plan

Putting all the details together in one document.

“Without action, even the best ideas aren’t worth much.”

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