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Podcast Production Templates and Checklists

Starting a Podcast is a huge task. There’s a TON of things that you need to work through.

But after it’s launched, the production workload to keep it professional and thriving is a different task all together. Simplify your Podcast production with easy to use templates and checklists. 

Take less time in doing the repetitive tasks with templates and checklists. 

These are the EXACT tools I use in my Podcast. They’ve helped me and I’m sure they’ll help you as well.

E-books for Personal Brand Businesses

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E-book: Growing Your Business Using Social Media

Follow these important steps to improve traffic to your products or services, or build a community of raving fans.

In this E-book, you’ll find a step-by-step guide to social media strategy for building your business. We’ll guide you through the what, why, and how, so that by the end, you have a firm plan in place. 

Growing your business with social media is crucial to your success.

If you’ve been waiting for the right time, start now!

51 pages

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E-book: Supercharge Your Blogging With These 17 Simple Tips

Do you want more traffic to your Website? Then create a first class blog.

Constantly coming up with new topics and angles to blog about that will add value to your readers is no small feat. 

In this eBook, we’re going to give you 17 different types of blog posts that you can write. You can think of these as blog post formulas. They provide an easy-to-follow framework for you to use when writing blog posts.

43 pages

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E-book: How to Write a Compelling Sales Page That Converts

A great sales page is an absolutely essential part of any sales funnel. After all, a sales page is where you actually make a sale. It’s where you convince someone to purchase your products or services. The sales page is what ultimately leads a person to open up their wallet, take out their credit card, and buy from you. 

In this E-book, you’ll discover the secrets of creating a great sales page. We’re going to reveal time-tested formulas and strategies that are guaranteed to increase sales and conversions.

40 pages

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E-book: 12 Highly Effective Ways to Make Money Online

The internet has fundamentally changed how we make money. Now, there are dozens of ways to make extra cash through a variety of online techniques. We’re no longer forced to take traditional jobs in order to make money.

If you can imagine a way to make money, you can probably do it online.

None of the methods that follow are get-rich-quick schemes. These are real, sustainable ways to make money. All of them require actual effort and investment of time.

42 pages

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E-book: 10 Powerful Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Website

You had great ambitions when you built your website. But getting website traffic hasn’t been as easy as you envisioned. Maybe you get a hundred people per week to your site. Maybe less. 

You need a proven strategy, using tested tactics in order to get more web traffic. Each of these strategies, when used on their own, can drive a significant amount of traffic to your site. 

When you combine them together, you can see massive results.


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E-book: How to Write a Highly Effective Business Plan- A Step-By-Step Guide

A  business plan will help you build a business that will support you financially, have an impact on those around you, and leave a lasting legacy you can be proud of. But can’t you just get things up and running and make adjustments on the fly? 

Can’t you sort of learn as you go? Yes, you can do those things, but the odds that your business will fail are much higher. 

A business plan keeps you on track. It ensures that you focus your attention on the right things and helps you avoid mistakes that could sink you. It’ll be your compass to the path you need to take to reach your destination.

We’re going to walk you step-by-step through the process of creating a solid business plan.

35 pages

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E-book: Small Business Survival Guide: How to Save Money and Thrive During Challenging Times

Running a small business isn’t easy, even during the best of times. Any small business owner will tell you that running a small business is challenging. When circumstances get tough, running a business becomes an even greater challenge. 

During these difficult times, many small businesses folded under the pressure. They simply weren’t able to keep going. 

In this small business survival guide, you’ll discover effective steps to take that will help your business thrive in the midst of difficult times. 

50 pages

E-books for Personal Development

E-book Fearless
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E-book: Fearless- How to Turn Failure into Success

Most people don’t even have written goals because of a fear of failure. When you set a goal you’re defining success, but you’re also defining failure! 

Failure is not the opposite of success, it’s part of success. Discover the formula for turning failure around and make it work to your advantage. 

If you’re not failing, you’re not trying. 

29 pages

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E-book: How to Overcome Trying Situations

Discover life-changing tactics that you can implement you’re in very challenging situations. If you’ve ever been frustrated or disappointed in your own thoughts, this guide will help you make some alterations in thinking. Changing your mind can be a challenge, especially when you’re in trying situations.

Because you’re human, you’ll experience struggles from time to time. But when you commit to apply these healthy strategies, you’ll discover success comes with controlling what you think. Each section illustrates situations in which you can benefit, simply by changing your mind.

27 pages

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E-book: Developing a Present Moment Mindset

A present moment mindset has been found useful in the treatment of chronic pain, anxiety, and depression. There are many benefits, both mental and physical, from living your life in a mindful manner. Mindfulness is a simple skill that can be learned by anyone. 

Keeping your mind in the present avoids two negative emotions: regret and anxiety. If your mind is in the past, you’re likely to feel regret. Allow the past the die. There’s no reason to torture yourself. 

Anxiety results from worrying about the future. If you’re not thinking about the future, you can’t worry about it. If you worry about the future, you’re deciding to put yourself through a stressful situation that may never really happen.  

28 pages

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E-book: How to Overcome Challenges

Throughout our lives we face challenges in many types of situations. Do you sometimes freeze up when faced with obstacles because you’re unsure of what to do? 

If so, opportunities may pass you by because your resolve to meet the challenge quickly disappears. However, the good news is: you can pass any test you face on the way to your goals! The strategies you learn here can help you every single day. 

If you take advantage of these techniques, you’ll discover within yourself a much stronger person capable of anything. Everyone suffers from fear from time to time. Some use the fear as an excuse to give up, and others use that fear to motivate themselves to achieve their dreams. The choice is yours.

19 pages

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E-book: Developing Your Strengths

Few, if any, of us are born with all the traits, talents, and skills that we’d like to possess. While many things can’t be improved or changed, the good news is that many things can! 

You can improve and become the person you want to be. You can possess the abilities you want to have. And you can make all this possible by developing your strengths. 

This E-book will cover a variety of tools that you can use to regularly be at your current best and, just as importantly, to become the best possible version of yourself.

31 pages

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E-book: Developing the Confidence to Go After Your Dreams

This guide will provide you with a real plan to get started in your quest for confidence and help you accomplish your ultimate dreams. First, you’ll develop a clear image of what your dream life looks like. 

Then, you’ll learn the truth about confidence: what it is, what it feels like, and how it will change your life. Selecting a role model of someone you see as confident is an important part of the journey. 

Next, you’ll discover how to maintain consistent motivation with action steps to keep your motivation in high gear. Finally, we’ll give you tips on finding your own inspiration.

27 pages

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  • 1) Fearless! – How To Turn Failure Into Success-E-book
  • 2) Develop a Present Moment Mindset and Enjoy Your Life – E-book
  • 3) Supercharge Your Blogging E-book
  • 4) How To Write A Compelling Sales Page That Converts-E-book
  • 5) 12 Highly Effective Ways To Make Money Online-E-book
  • 6) 10 Powerful Ways to Drive Traffic To Your Website-E-book
  • 7) How to Overcome Challenges – E-book
  • 8) How To Write A Highly Effective Business Plan-E-book
  • 9) Developing Your Strengths – E-book
  • 10) Developing the Confidence to Go After Your Dreams- E-book
  • 11) Small Business Survival Guide-E-book
  • 12) Building Your Personal Brand and Becoming an Influencer-E-book
  • 13) How to Overcome Trying Situations by Changing Your Mindset – E-book

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